Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

Not at all. I typically act as your eyes and ears, and represent your company as if it were my own! If the vendor DOES wish to be present, this is almost always an option. Note: there are rare instances where vendors must be represented by a registered broker.
Having the correct amount of product to share with consumers is key to successful participation in any event. This amount depends on the size of the event and what product(s) the vendor wishes to have highlighted and promoted. I will work with you on a per-event basis to decide how much product we’ll need to ensure a great presentation.
Unless the vendor wishes to provide something specific (e.g., branded tablecloths or napkins), I generally supply all of the necessary equipment and “tools of the trade” needed to execute an attractive and engaging presentation (e.g., tablecloths, utensils, trays, napkins, serveware), as well as meeting venue requirements (e.g., aprons, gloves, hairnets, etc.) 
While not always required, “better safe than sorry” is a good general rule when it comes to insurance coverage. In many cases, obtaining coverage is as simple as adding my name and/or a specific event to your existing coverage – and many insurers will do this at no additional cost. Note: some major retailers DO require proof of insurance coverage, and I’ll be happy to assist you in meeting those requirements.
Marketing costs are almost always a write-off, but your participation in non-profit or charitable events can have additional and far-reaching benefits. Participation in charitable events allows you to promote your product while helping a good cause. What’s more, it shows customers that you “give back” to their community and that your brand is about more than just making sales. You might choose to help a favorite organization, or I can help you connect with a charity or event that fits your brand to a “T”.
As a Natural Food Broker, I can certainly help advise you on how to go about working with various markets, when to introduce new products, and/or when relevant Category Reviews may be conducted.
Every vendor, product and event is different. It will be my pleasure to work with you one-on-one to customize an effective and affordable representation program that creates a win/win for everyone. 🙂
In some cases, additional expenses may be necessary (e.g.,the cost of an event booth, table or other real estate). I’ll work with you on a per-event basis to negotiate these costs and how they are to be paid. In situations where these expenses are passed along to you on your invoice, they are generally billed without markup.


“Annette represents our brand with joy and passion – and great attention to detail. We appreciate her service at various vendor shows and her work
as a broker, making our brand personal by being our eyes and ears in her region.” – Jennifer Hryciw, Marketing and Sales Administrator, Field Roast