How Does She Do It?

Product demonstration or tasting table at an event or a retail store

  • —Arrange with account or event for a particular date for demo
  • —Contact buyers to be sure plenty of product is available
  • —Acquire product, coupons, etc. to perform actual demo
  • —Set up demo: table, product, utensils, napkins, etc.
  • —Engage prospective consumers and educate them about the product
  • Listen to prospective consumers’ needs/opinions regarding product
  • Hand out product samples, literature and incentives to purchase
  • Get feedback from engaged individuals
  • —Capture responses in pictures
  • —Clean up after demo
  • —Encourage buyer to re-stock/re-order
  • —Provide prompt, written report with details of event

Includes all features of a consumer-level product demo, except that it’s directed at wholesale buyers (retailers):

  • —Broker information & sell sheets readily available
  • —Connect directly with buyers/distributors
  • —Obtain names & how to contact prospective new account buyers
  • —Take new orders with payments
  • —Distribute product information so buyers can contact vendor directly
  • Potential for introducing vendors to broader markets

Special events in and around the Atlanta metropolitan area are prime locations for brand exposure. Annette helps vendors find relevant sponsorship opportunities, and makes introductions to event promoters and charitable organizations.

Annette can help you design and set up your booth or table, including how to best display your product, what information to provide (e.g., where to purchase), and sampling as appropriate. Annette can assist your staff at these events, or appear on your behalf as a representative of your brand. In situations where more assistance is warranted, Annette can also provide trained staffing.

The possibilities are endless, and participation in special events can help you gain brand recognition, increase product exposure, reach new markets and consumer groups, and build brand loyalty. Being a category-exclusive sponsor at a major event can be a considerable “feather in the cap” for your brand. Plus, your participation in charitable events benefits the community and helps a worthwhile cause.

Annette provides recommendations for publicizing upcoming events and sponsorships through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media outlets. Annette will show you how to build excitement and anticipation by posting on social media in the days leading up to each event — and how to create lasting exposure by sharing images and details during the event and after.

“Annette has continually supported and promoted our brand with such excitement and ease — we can always rely on her to bring
fresh and relatable insight to our consumers.” – Jessi Brennan, Director of Advertising and Marketing, Crunchies Food Company