What’s Being Said About The Viral Marketing Lady?

Thank you for all the support you have given Dolphin Natural Chocolates. You have opened many accounts for Dolphin through your building brand awareness via educating and promoting our brand and, even better; have maintained them for us for more than eight years. Along with your friendship, we appreciate all you do and hope you keep working on our behalf for years to come.

Hank McKowen
CEO, Dolphin Chocolates

I have had the opportunity to work with Annette Kramer as an outstanding representative for our line of frozen pancakes and shelf-stable waffles for over five years. Annette is a passionate emissary who takes the time to learn the details of a product line. She has enthusiastically represented our products and helped to build brand awareness at many high-profile events across the Southeast. I recommend you work with Annette Kramer to help grow your customer base.

Craig Stanley
National Sales Manager, DeWafelbakkers, LLC

Annette Kramer has been instrumental in the growth and success of Penta Water. Her expertise, enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal communication skills are a few of her outstanding character traits that have contributed to the education, promotion and selling of our brand. Annette’s commitment, loyalty and perseverance have set our brand apart from all of the other bottled water companies in the natural channel. We are extremely grateful to Annette for all that she has done to make Penta Water an overwhelming success.

Michael Dunn
Chief Operating Officer
United Beverage / Penta Water / Fluid Forms

I have had the pleasure over the past 8 years to work with Annette Kramer. She is a passionate, thorough and joyous woman, who represents our brand with great attention to detail. We appreciate her service at various vendor shows and her work as a broker, making our brand personal by being our eyes and ears in her region.

I can say with honesty that there is a trust and friendliness in our relationship that is quite unique, and that trust and rapport goes a long way when it comes to making our products successful in stores and in the minds of our customers. Annette gives her heart to her work, brings a cheerful and no nonsense attitude to her work that, in turn, fosters my great confidence in her relationships with our customers. I will hire her for any events that we pursue in her region if she is available.

Jennifer Hryciw
Marketing and Sales Administrator, Field Roast

Annette Kramer has been such a positive influence in the evolution of Crunchies Food Company. She has continually supported and promoted our brand and she does it with such excitement and ease. We can always rely on her to bring fresh and relatable insight to our consumers. She understands what we believe in and what our brand stands for. Annette ‘s energy is incredibly refreshing and we are very lucky to have her backing the Crunchies name. Thank you Annette, for your refreshing enthusiasm and being an incredible advocate for the Crunchies vision!

Jessi Brennan
Director of Advertising/Marketing, Crunchies Food Company

Being a health-conscious professional and one whom others trust as their “go to girl” for advice and direction in the music industry, it’s important for me to remain current in my knowledge and actual experience of the same. Surrounding myself with others who excel in their areas of expertise is vital for the success of my business.

Since knowing Annette Kramer, I have been introduced to more organic and gluten-free products, not just for myself, but to then offer to my clients as alternatives for their own health and well being in the very fast paced world of entertainment. Annette is MY “go to girl” and the source I trust for new and relevant products that are health inducing and life sustaining.

Jan Smith, CEO
Mama J Music, LLC
Jan Smith Studios, Inc.

Annette has been an active participant in my Live Your Legacy Summit events from the very beginning, and it is always exciting to see just which outstanding, hand-picked new vendors she brings to these events each year. Her enthusiasm and product knowledge is contagious, and so many of my attendees are thrilled to be introduced to these terrific products. Annette always has a prime table space to interact with everyone, especially when she’s giving out coupons!

Aurea McGarry
Live Your Legacy Summit