Who is Annette Kramer?

Annette Kramer is a creative “Brand Evangelist” — bringing awareness and education about outstanding natural and mass-market products to retailers and consumers.

Annette brings a broad range of experience to the table — from special education teacher to medical office manager to brand advocate. For the past 18 years, Annette has served as an independent Natural Foods Broker/Representative.

Annette’s love for the natural foods industry began with a personal interest in a unique, specialized water, which she hoped would help her husband through cancer treatments. Tired of conventional medicine, and seeing a significant reduction in side-effects from the cancer treatments, Annette wanted to know more, and began a dialogue with the makers of this water. After her husband’s recovery, Annette felt compelled to “spread the word.”

Starting with a single pallet of water in her garage, Annette went from store to store, educating and sharing her experience. Her customer base grew exponentially, and she eventually decided to make her sales rep activities official. When the company said “But you don’t know anything about sales!” Annette replied, “True, but I do have a story to tell…and great sales figures to show for it!”

Annette’s interest then widened to include other markets. She has continued to build relationships through her unique combination of brand-building activities, and thus The Viral Marketing Lady was born.

Annette’s “hands-on” approach illustrates how truly passionate she is about helping people.

Annette can help promote your product through her unique combination of brand-building activities:
  • Natural Foods and Mass Marketing events
  • Table Top Presentations
  • Non-Profit Events
  • Pro-Am Golf Tournaments
  • Fitness Retreats
  • Gluten Free Shows
  • Gift baskets, centerpieces, “Goodie Bags”
  • Customer Appreciation days
  • Store meetings (opportunity to educate staff)
  • Opportunities for brand/product exposure
  • Social media recommendations: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

“This is about more than just giving away free product or collateral — it’s about educating the consumer
and participating in their experience with the product.” – Annette Kramer